Cheap Energy Checker by postcode for all UK areas

Click here to claim a £50 bill credit with Octopus Energy
Click here to claim a £50 bill credit with Octopus Energy

We are dedicated to helping you find and switch to the cheapest electricity and gas supply for your home.

Even though UK energy suppliers standard rates are now capped by government regulator there are still massive savings to be made on your gas and electricity if you simply shop around and switch to a new supplier, or in some cases switch to a new deal with your existing supplier.

Compare, Switch and Save

You will find the very best and cheapest deals by using our comparison tool at the top of this page, it takes just a couple of minutes and it will be able to save you hundreds of pounds a year.

A typical household on a standard energy deal (that’s over 10 million households in the UK) will spend around £1200 a year on gas and electricity. By doing a quick compare and switch those households could drop their annual cost down to £890 a year! That’s a saving of over £300 a year.

Anyone not switching is just ripping themselves off and giving their energy company £300 every year that they don’t need to! Don’t be one of those people, reclaim your money and use our tool to switch now!

Why do you need my postcode to find the cheapest gas and electricity?

A little known fact is that the cost of Gas and Electricity varies depending on where you live in the UK. 

This is because there are 14 electricity distribution networks and 8 gas distribution networks. 

Each network charges the energy companies that use them slightly different amounts. This means that some parts of the country get slightly cheaper electricity than others, it’s not a huge difference, but to get an accurate price for your energy we need to know your postcode so we can work out what gas and electricity networks you are connected to.

Use comparison sites to find the cheapest deals

It’s crucial that you use a comparison website to find the cheapest deals as many suppliers only offer their cheapest deals exclusively on comparison sites.

But beware, some comparison sites will only show you deals that give them payment if you switch. It’s important to use a whole of market comparison website like ours, we will show you all the deals on the market and not just ones we may earn a commission from. 

How easy is switching gas and electricity?

Switching is incredibly easy, it really does take just a couple of minutes and you won’t even have to leave our comparison tool.

You don’t need to contact your current supplier, your new supplier will handle the entire switching process for you.

You won’t have to have anyone come to your house to enable the switch as your new supplier will use the same pipes, wires and meters as your old supplier.

You get the same gas and electricity, you don’t lose service at any point, you just save money, lots of it!

What if I don’t know my gas and electricity usage?

You get the very best estimate on your new cost savings if you can tell us how much electricity and gas you use a year when doing a comparison. However, if you don’t know we can make a pretty good estimate by asking you a couple of simple questions such as how many bedrooms in your house and how many people live there.

If you want to find out your actual usage then your current provider’s bills will give you all the details.

However we work it out, most people are overpaying by such a large amount every year that you will end up on a cheaper tariff and save a large amount of money every year regardless.

Pay by direct debit to save the most per year

To get the very best deals you need to pay by monthly direct debit, this can save you up to an additional £90 per year.

Your supplier will vary the direct debit based on how much energy you actually use, they will always inform you before changing the amount charged.

There is no risk when using direct debit as if you are in credit should your provider get into financial difficulties your money is protected by the regulator and you won’t lose that money should the provider go bust.

Go green and buy renewable energy

More and more households are waking up to the environmental crisis and are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The biggest and easiest change is to switch to a renewable energy supplier (such as Bulb) or to switch to a green tariff from one of the big suppliers.

These green deals will buy electricity into the network to match your usage from renewable sources such as solar and wind power.

It even works for gas, though in the majority of cases the gas itself is not renewable (there is only a small amount of renewable biogas produced in the UK), what the supplier will do is offset the carbon produced by your gas consumption such as by tree planting.

Green deals used to be significantly more expensive than traditional deals, but this is no longer the case and there are many green electricity deals that compare on price to the cheapest ‘dirty’ electricity deal.

Our comparison engine has many green suppliers to choose from, just give it a try at the top of the page.

What if I don’t have gas?

You can still save huge sums every year even if you don’t have gas.

More and more people are not going to have gas as the government is legislating against gas heating in new build properties from 2025 and they are likely to bring in legislation to encourage more and more people to switch away from gas as we move towards the net zero carbon by 2050 target.

Can I switch gas and electricity supplier if I am a renter?

If you pay the electricity and gas bills at the property you rent then you are entitled by law to switch suppliers if you want to.

The law says if you pay the bills then you can switch suppliers anytime you want, it cannot be banned by your tenancy agreement.

Will I lose money if my provider goes bust?

Very occasionally an energy provider goes bust, this is something that tends to occur with some of the smaller less well-known providers.

But there is nothing to worry about, you will never lose any money or have any interruption to your gas or electricity supply.

The regulator Ofgem has safety net rules which means that all credit owed to you will be returned and you will be transferred to a new supplier automatically. You will be free to switch away from this new supplier without delay, so all you need to do is a new comparison search and then move to a new cheap deal.

No risk, no worries!

Save money by using less energy

As well as switching energy suppliers to save money you can also cut your bills by using less energy.

Simple tips are:

  • Install low energy LED lighting to save on energy.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room
  • Don’t leave items on standby
  • Turn down the heating thermostat a notch
  • Wear warmer clothes (“put a jumper on if you’re cold!” as my Dad used to say)

Small changes can make a big difference to your bills, try it and see!

Get a smart meter

If your supplier offers you a smart meter then they are well worth getting.

Smart meters also let you monitor your usage in realtime, so you can see the effect of managing your energy usage and can make sure you are as efficient as you want to be.

Save without switching

If you are on your supplier’s standard tariff then you can usually save just by switching to one of their cheaper fixed tariffs.

To do this we’d recommend calling them up and asking them what the best deal is that they can do for you. Once you have their answer then use a price comparison check online to check there aren’t any cheaper online-only exclusive deals from your supplier.